Announcing our 2023 Film Grant Winners

This year, the recipients of the Trail Running Film Festival Filmmaker Grants have embarked upon the task of crafting compelling and diverse narratives with a global perspective. It’s exciting for us to support these filmmakers as they bring these stories to life on the big screen.

Anna Brannon

(St. Louis, Missouri)

Anna Brannon’s endeavor revolves around an Indian race director known for nurturing a close-knit racing community in St. Louis. Her film project illuminates how this director integrates elements from races she runs worldwide into the local landscape, creating truly one-of-a-kind races in the Midwest.

Tobias Johansson

(Duved, Sweden)

Tobias Johansson is dedicated to narrating the tale of a running group hailing from Ockelbo, Sweden. His film underscores the profound impact of running as a common thread, enabling members to make new friendships and nourish old relationships while on the trails.

Emily Cameron

(Athens, Georgia)

Emily Cameron’s work centers on a dynamic running collective of extraordinary women aged 50 to 80. These individuals cultivate an extraordinary sense of camaraderie and mutual support through their weekly trail runs in Athens, Georgia, demonstrating the transformative power of their shared passion.

Ben Wallbank

(Wanaka, New Zealand)

Ben Wallbank embarks on the journey of an ultramarathon runner who valiantly competes while confronting the challenge of battling cancer. His film is poised to document the emotional and physical tribulations the runner encounters while competing in these grueling trail races. 

These film projects capture the essence of the running and racing communities, emphasizing themes of dedication, community, and human perseverance.

Posted on 9 December 2023 by Mathias Eichler

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