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Our DIY Festival package is perfect for running clubs, retail shops, race directors, and other members of the trail running community who want to bring The Trail Running Film Festival to their city.

We’re looking forward to partner with you to bring the trail running community together for a great night of films and inspiration.

Reach out, and let's chat how we can help you bring our show to your town.

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Got questions about becoming a host? We got answers!

March 10th through the end of May 2024 are the dates of our tour. Our virtual viewing week will be in mid-May. For select locations we will allow scheduling later into the year. Please reach out to us with your ideas.

We're currently still accepting submissions and will select the final films later in the year. To get a taste of what kind of films we've shown in the past, please visit our archive.

Our 2024 films will be judged by an independent body of reviewers approved by the TRFF. Our organization is fiercely independent. Films will be judged independent of any sponsorship endorsements. Our commitment is to tell the most compelling, artistic, and culturally relevant stories that's meant to inspire our community.

Our most successful events are those that tie into the interests of your local running community. The more you tailor the event to suit your unique community, the more spectacular it becomes.

Think about it like this: what's the flavor of your town or city? What gets your folks excited? Whether it's combining the films with a local race, a fun movie night at your local theater, or an outdoor gathering under the stars, that's where the magic happens. It's all about creating an experience that feels like it was custom-made for your trail running community. So go ahead and get creative – the sky's the limit!

One awesome aspect of the Trail Running Film Festival is how it can fit into all kinds of spots. Whether it's a local running store, an outdoor park or a cozy movie theater, all you need is a projector, screen and sound.

Here are a few things to think about:
What's your audience like? Do they dig the movie house vibe with popcorn, or are they more into a laid-back outdoorsy scene with camping chairs and blankets? How big is your venue? Are there enough tickets available that you can make a profit? Pick a place you are excited about! This is a fun way to celebrate the running folks in your community.

While we don't want you to alter the film reel you're encouraged to emcee the evening, and add live components that tie our global stories into your local community.

Whether it's organizing a raffle, conducting interviews with local trail legends, or shining a spotlight on important local non-profits and causes, we say go for it!

The stage is yours, and we're here to support your vision. It's all about making the event a memorable and impactful experience for your community of runners. So, let your imagination run wild, and let's make this screening one for the books!

The complete film reel will be available as digital download in 1080p or 4K format with or without English subtitles.

The digital downloads are large (~30GB) so prepare to download the film reel several days ahead of your screening to leave ample time to test everything.

If you're planning on emceeing the event yourself we suggest you finding someone who can be your tech person during the event. Movie theaters often offer this support as part of the rental agreement. Send them the reel and instructions early so they can run tests on their system ahead of the event.

If you're hosting the screening yourself make sure you have a powerful computer that can handle the file size and video output. Be sure to have good enough audio for your room. (Laptop speakers ain't it.)

Don't forget the microphone for your live portion of the evening.

As the local host of the Trail Running Film Festival in your town, you're not just any emcee—you're part of a community of over 100 hosts that spans the entire globe!

We're here to make your role a breeze. We'll provide you with a dynamic script filled with engaging talking points to kickstart your screening. You'll have the chance to give shout-outs to our incredible global sponsors and express heartfelt gratitude to your local sponsors who are making your event possible. We're also going to ask you to put the spotlight on our QR code for nationwide giveaways—because who doesn't love some awesome prizes?!

So get ready to be the star of the show, because as our local host, you're about to take this screening to the next level!

Absolutely! We're all about supporting your event's success, and that means reaching out to local sponsors is a fantastic idea. Local sponsors can chip in by offering cool giveaway items or even some financial support to help cover your costs. It's a win-win for your event and your community!

But here's the scoop: while we absolutely appreciate and encourage your local sponsors, we want to give our incredible national sponsors the star treatment they deserve. They're the backbone of the Trail Running Film Festival, so they'll get that extra-special recognition at your event—above and beyond what our local sponsors receive.

We’ll be promoting the 2024 Global Tour and your location on social media, our newsletter, and in select industry media outlets. You will receive access to our promotional material to help you market the festival within your local community. You’re welcome to use the event to promote your products/races and work with your network of local businesses.

We also have an established Discord server for all registered hosts to access. This server is a centralized location for hosts to share best practices, ask questions and get feedback for their screening.

Yes! Hosts are able to buy multiple licenses for multiple locations. We can also arrange for a special license allowing multiple screenings in the same locations. Please reach out to our team.

We will limit booking other screenings within a 30 mile radius of your show, unless otherwise agreed upon.

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