Trail Running Film Festival Announces Winner of 2024 Poster Artist Award

The Trail Running Film Festival is thrilled to announce that Abigail West, a talented printmaker and trail/ultramarathon runner from Athens, Georgia, has been selected as the 2024 Poster Artist.

Abigail’s unique artistic perspective, coupled with her passion for trail running, made her stand out among a pool of exceptional artists. As a printmaker, her linoleum block prints are a visual celebration of her lived adventures and deep connection to nature, translating the open-hearted feeling she experiences during long days in the woods onto paper.

Abigail’s work uniquely focuses on capturing the often underrepresented beauty of the Southeastern mountains, with a particular emphasis on the depth of greenery in dense forests. Her role as a mountain endurance athlete allows her to authentically convey the feeling of being on a sun-dappled trail or standing in a mountain stream in the height of summer.

One thing that sets Abigail’s art apart is her commitment to sustainability and her frequent use of reclaimed maps as canvases. This practice not only adds an environmental consciousness to her work but also ties in themes of connection to place and the use of reclaimed materials. Abigail believes that runners can be stewards of wild lands, and through her art, she aims to portray their beauty and advocate for their preservation.

In addition to her artistic achievements, Abigail is a competitive trail and ultramarathon runner, representing the Southeast as part of the rabbitELITEtrail team. Her impressive running resume includes accomplishments such as the Fastest Known Time on S.C.A.R. (70-mile Smoky Mountain Traverse), Hurricane 100k winner in 2023, Coosa Backcountry Loop Fastest Known Time in 2023, and victories at the Georgia Jewel 50-mile (2022) and Rabun Half Marathon (2022 and 2023) with course records.

Abigail on Singletrack

Abigail West met up with executive director Mathias Eichler on Singletrack to chat about her passion for running and art.

Listen in.

The Trail Running Film Festival is excited to showcase Abigail West’s artwork as the visual representation of the 2024 festival. Her talent, coupled with her dedication to the outdoors and sustainability, perfectly aligns with the festival’s mission and values.

Posted on 10 December 2023 by Mathias Eichler

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